Our strength

We have been operating our family business since 1962 under the name Pavage et Aménagement Paysager Antonio Borsellino. Our name stands for trust and reliability.

Our strength is built on a solid foundation.

A detailed estimate

We provide a detailed estimate that includes the quantities of materials required to complete your project.

An itemized plan

Whatever the size of your project, you will receive a detailed plan illustrating the work to be done.

State-of-the-art equipment

Surface preparation, excavation, compaction and drainage are our specialty. We guarantee our work in writing.

Dependable supervision

Every stage of your project is supervised by a Pavage Borsellino Executive Representative. We do not use the services of subcontractors.

Expert staff

Our specialized design and project teams are known for their expertise, their professionalism and their commitment. They strive to deliver your project on time in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Speedy project completion

We work with large teams of experienced specialists who focus on the various aspects of your project. We ensure that the work progresses quickly, so you can enjoy your new environment sooner.