Garden maintenance

We know that your landscape represents a significant investment. That's why we offer our customers an exclusive maintenance service* that ensures the healthy development of their garden and the preservation of its beauty.

Monthly garden maintenance

  • Flowerbed weeding

  • Perennial deadheading

  • Annual deadheading and pruning

  • Flowerpot maintenance

  • Biological treatment of rose bushes and perennials, as required

Opening and closing your garden

Spring (May)

  • Removal of winter protection from trees, shrubs, evergreens, rose bushes and perennials

  • Flowerbed edging

  • Spring bulb planting

  • Perennial planting

  • Plant fertilizing with the appropriate fertilizer

  • Pruning of spring-flowering plants and shrubs

  • Rose bush pruning, cleaning and biological treatment

  • Creation of original designs for flowerpots and planters

Fall (October)

  • Removal of annuals

  • Perennial division

  • Pruning and shaping of summer- and fall-flowering shrubs

  • Pruning of summer- and fall-flowering trees

  • Installation of winter protection on trees, shrubs, evergreens, rose bushes and perennials, as required

  • Flowerpot and planter cleaning and storage

* Garden maintenance services are offered exclusively to Pavage Borsellino customers.