A home consultation allows you to communicate your needs, ideas and expectations. During the consultation, you will discuss with one of our highly qualified advisors, about all elements that you want to include in your landscaping. Our team will answer your questions and help you make the best decisions.

It is also the time to take the inventory of all the components of your project: Particularities of your land (sunshine, wind, drainage, etc.) , space / division, existing buildings, infrastructure and structures (garden furniture, house, swimming pool, etc.), circulation areas, plantations and existing grass area, choice of materials and plants. 

The realization of a paper plan is used to create a well-structured space that reflects your current and future needs. This planning will help you save time and money.


Following a meeting, we will take several measurements to locate the existing elements and know the different levels of your land to ensure proper drainage. We plan your space to enjoy the maximum amount of sunshine. We create moods that give you more comfort. "Our goal is to make every landscaping unique and personal to make it be a piece of heaven that will continue to showcase your property over the years." -Bobby Borsellino When planning the landscaping of a new property, we recommend that you plan for the long term: if you want to integrate a swimming pool, a patio or a pool of water in the near future, it is better to draw them now to avoid unnecessary cuts or transplants later.


Our quality is reflected by our high standards in infrastructure. The most important is what we can’t see: the depth of the excavations, the solidity of the foundations, the quality of materials and the depth of the topsoil. That's why all our works - walls, terraces, patios, plantations, lawns - are carried out by our experienced teams, with durable and quality materials


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